Save energy, save money

Save energy, save money, save the planet

We all use energy in our lives and your home is the one place where you’re likely
to have the most control over your usage. With rising energy costs, saving energy
is becoming increasingly important. Also, just think how many energy-hungry,
labour saving and comfort-creating devices we now have in our home
compared to years ago.

To help you save energy, we have produced a handy energy saving guide that you can download:

We also have a series of ‘Be sound, save pounds’ short videos that give you an overview of the Top 10 Free Tips to saving energy that will save you £220 per year. They feature our energy saving duo, Oakstaff and Periwinkle:


Energy-efficient electrical appliances

We are affiliated to The Co-operative Group. They offer a great range of energy-efficient electrical appliances recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. Click here for more details.