Introducing Community Power

The UK’s only tariff 100% powered by community generated green electricity projects – with carbon neutral gas, too.


Support community-owned projects.

Get all your power directly from community energy projects. Generators get a fair price for their green energy, and profits go towards local initiatives that make a real difference in communities around the UK.


Make the UK greener.

Energy is the UK's most polluting industry. By purchasing our Community Power tariff you are investing in green energy generation, increasing the amount of renewable energy in the UK.


Do it for the cost of a pint per month (maybe two, if you don't live in London).

As well as getting green, local energy, you get award-winning customer service that's simple and transparent - all for a few pounds per month on top of our standard fixed tariff.

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The power of community

Community energy projects and local energy groups bring together like-minded locals to invest in community generation projects – Whether it’s putting solar panels on neighbourhood rooftops, adding wind turbines to local farmland or harnessing power from the local river – these projects are owned and run by the communities they power. Profits go towards local initiatives. More green energy gets pumped into the grid. It’s a truly co-operative way of generating power.

We have partnerships with over 80 of these projects around the UK. We buy their energy directly through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), giving community generators a fair price for the power they produce.

Introducing Co-op Community Energy

Co-op Community Energy is a new joint venture by Octopus Energy and Midcounties Co-operative, and signifies a new era for local renewable energy generation. The establishment of this stand-alone company, led by Tom Hoines (a leading figure in community energy circles), underscores our commitment to growing the UK’s community energy sector.

What is Community Energy?

All over the UK, there are local energy groups which allow communities to invest directly in renewable energy generation in their neighbourhood and beyond – whether it’s from solar panels on rooftops, wind turbines on farmland, or hydropower from the local river. Purchasing Community Power means you can support local communities across the country,and we pay the generators a fair price for the power they produce. The revenue they receivecan go straight towards community initiatives from nature conservation efforts to insulation for homes in disadvantaged areas.

How will Co-op Community Energy Help?

We also buy energy directly from these local energy groups via contracts called Power Purchase Agreements. This allows community generators to get fair prices for the power they’re selling, and means that more green energy gets pumped into the grid for everyone’s benefit.

Combining Octopus Energy’s signature technological agility, and Midcounties Co-operative’s wealth of community generation experience, Co-op Community Energy will facilitate greater investment in community energy across the UK.

As Octopus Energy’s CEO, Greg says:

“By funding and using local renewable power from the community, for the community, when the sun shines, the wind blows and rivers run, we can take the pressure off the national grid and save the world from using even more fossil fuels.”

And the chief executive of the Midcounties Co-operative, Phil Ponsonby said, “We’ve long been the leading supporter of community power in the UK, and with the launch of Co-op Community Energy we want to go even further.

We’re already off to a flying start

We’ve already secured 13 new Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) including five hydro-electric sites owned by the National Trust across Wales. The new agreements take the number of sites supplying renewable energy to our customers to 84.

Do you want to sell your energy?

f you have a community site and want to export your energy for a fair price, the Co-op Community Energy team would love to hear from you. Email ppa@cooperativeenergy.coop with your details and a member of the team will get back to you.

Green energy you can trace back to source.

A transparent supply chain, from the sun to solar generators and down the wires to the grid.

For every unit of electricity you use, we buy another one from a community generator to match it. We’ve got over 80 sites across the UK, generating power from the sun, the wind, and the water. Here they are:

Here's a closer look at a few of our generators:

Sandford Hydro

In the early 2000s, a group of green-minded friends in Sandford-upon-Thames dreamt of generating clean energy from a small weir in the river near their homes. 10 years later, and Sandford Hydro now generates enough energy to power the entire village (which has a population of nearly 1,200). Profits from selling the power go towards other green initiatives in the village.

Westmill Wind and Solar Farm

The community in Westmill doubled up local farmland with renewable generation – installing solar panels and seven wind turbines on the land. Westmill Wind and Solar powers over 4,500 homes, with 100% of their renewable energy purchased by Co-op Community Energy. A large proportion of the profits goes straight to the Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust, who promote energy efficiency and provide grants to others with dreams of advancing renewable energy.

Oxford Bus Company

Local energy club Low Carbon Hub installed 540 solar panels on the roof of Oxford Bus Company’s city centre HQ. The extra energy they generate goes to Co-op Community Energy, and the revenue has allowed Low Carbon Hub to deliver 40 similar renewable energy and innovation projects.

How is Community Power gas carbon neutral?

We work out the carbon footprint of Community Power customers’ gas consumption, and remove or reduce the same amount of emissions from the atmosphere with the help of Renewable World. The Brighton-based charity is our main carbon offsetting partner. They build innovative renewable energy projects in fuel-poor communities worldwide.