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Please note: you will need your last meter readings for this form to make sure your bills are accurate, so make sure you fill it in on the day you leave. 

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If you have an economy 7 meter please provide your Electricity Day & Night readings.

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Priority Services

Co-op Energy offer a range of services as part of their Priority Services Register. If you have a medical condition, disability, or are of pensionable age, let us know so that we can offer additional support where needed.

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What does this mean?

If you or anyone in the property we are supplying with energy is defined as a vulnerable person, we have a duty of care as your energy provider. The energy industry defines a priority customer as a person who: 

  • Is of a pensionable age
  • Has a disability
  • Is chronically sick
  • Has a hearing and/or visual impairment

If a member of the household fits into any of the above categories, your account may be eligible for Co-operative Energy’s free priority service. This will ensure that in the event of a problem with either the power or gas supply in your area, your household will be one of the first properties visited by our engineers. Click here for full details of our Priority Service.

We care about your data and will only use it for the purposes you have agreed to or to deliver your contract. To find out more about why we take your data, how we process it and how long we store it for, please take a look at our privacy policy.

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