Contacting us through social media

Co-operative Energy social media policy

Let’s talk. The new way to contact Co-operative Energy

We love speaking with our customers and engaging with you through our social media, and we do our best to reply to your comments on our wall as quickly as possible.


    Co-operative Energy Call us        

To speak with us, call us on 0800 954 0693.

Co-operative Energy email us

We will shortly have a ‘Contact the Team’ page available through our social media which will allow you to send your specific enquiry direct to the correct team. You can do this currently through our website on our Contact the team page


Social media house rules

At Co-operative Energy, we want our social media profiles to be an online space which is an open, welcoming and constructive environment where you can all get involved and interact freely.

We aim to provide an engaging and informative environment for fans and followers of our pages.

So please take a minute to read our House Rules which we have provided in order to make our social media experience enjoyable for all.