Octopus Partnership FAQs

I’m a customer, what do I need to know?

Will my prices go up?

No. All customers will see their prices stay the same or drop. If you are on a Fixed Tariff, we will maintain your prices.  If your tariff isn’t fixed your prices will be the same or lower.  Customers will also benefit from Octopus Energy’s award-winning customer service and know that they continue to do their bit to save the planet from dirty fossil fuels with 100% green electricity as standard.

Will I still be a Co-op Energy customer?

Yes.  You will still be a Co-op Energy customer.  You will still receive 100% renewable electricity and your prices will stay the same.  If you’re a member, you’ll still earn membership points. The good news is you’ll also get the benefit of Octopus’ best-in-class online services and Which? recommended customer support.  Co-op Energy will continue to grow the customer base and deliver the Co-op difference that you value.

What do I need to do now?

You don’t need to do anything.  It will take us a few months to move all customers onto Octopus systems as quickly and seamlessly as possible.  There will be no impact to your energy supply.  Please continue to contact your normal customer services line. Don’t contact Octopus yet, we will be in touch nearer the time with any information you need.

Will my supply be affected?

No, you won’t notice any change.  We will ensure supply is constant.  You will transfer to Octopus Energy’s systems and will receive their award-winning customer service.

What about my account credit?

The debit or credit on your account will be transferred to your Octopus account. This balance will be confirmed with you when you move to Octopus systems.

How will Octopus Energy cope with taking on this huge number of customers?

This is the fourth significant expansion for Octopus Energy in the last year, with others including Affect Energy, Iresa Energy and becoming the supplier behind M&S Energy.

All existing and new customers will continue to receive award-winning customer service despite this fast growth, thanks to Octopus Energy’s proven scalability and efficient technology platform.

Will my direct debit stay the same?

Energy companies review direct debits from time to time in order to make sure that customers are paying the right amount to cover their energy use.  We will continue to do that when you are on the Octopus systems.  However, the move itself shouldn’t change your direct debit amount.

Will there be any benefits for affected customers that will come with the move?

All customers will see their prices stay the same or drop. Customers currently on Fixed Tariffs will have the same prices maintained.  Others will see prices the same or lower. Customers will also benefit from Octopus Energy’s award-winning customer service and know that they are doing their bit to save the planet from dirty fossil fuels.

Will my account details stay the same?

You will get a new account number when you move onto the Octopus system.  We’ll let you know when that happens.  However, we'll keep your old one on record in case you need to use it.

Will early exit fees applied to my tariff remain?

With effect from 19 Sept 2019, exit fees will no longer apply if you are on a fixed rate tariff and decide to switch away from Co-op Energy.

There will be no exit fees for the move from Co-op Energy/Flow or GB Energy systems to Octopus Energy systems.


Will the Co-op community power tariff still be available?

Yes, it will.  Co-op Energy will continue to purchase 100% renewable energy from the 80 community energy projects it supports across the country. The tariff will continue, and community generated energy will be attributed to it.  If you are a community power customer you can be assured that it remains an authentic, deeply green tariff.  Co-op Energy continues to be the biggest supporter of community energy in the UK, and this partnership with Octopus will help us go further and faster in helping even more people come together to develop new sources of sustainable power.

Will I still get membership points?

If you are a member of Midcounties Co-operative, then you will continue to enjoy all the benefits of membership.  You will still earn points through your energy account.  And you will still get the member exclusive offers and your share of profits.

Will my smart meter still send you meter readings?

Co-op Energy have only been installing the types of smart meter that work whatever supplier you are with.  That means that they will continue to work with Octopus systems.  If your smart meter was installed by another supplier, then we may not be able to connect with it.  We will send you a monthly reminder to send us your readings online.

If I don’t want to stay with Octopus Energy how and when can I switch?

You’ll be free to switch - but during your transition from one system to another there may be a short period when switching may not work. We will inform you in advance of any period when switching may fail so that you can plan accordingly.

I have recently made a complaint with Co-op Energy.  Who do I contact?

You should continue to contact Co-op Energy.  When your account moves to Octopus Energy, we will provide you will all the contact details you need.