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How do I get a new Prepayment top-up card?

If you’ve lost or damaged your prepayment card, don’t panic. Call us as soon as you notice it’s missing on 0800 954 0693 or 01926 516152 and we will send out a new one. In the meantime we will arrange for you to pick up a blank key at a local PayPoint vendor so you can top up your meter the same day and continue using energy until your new card arrives.

If you have a Smart Prepayment meter, your local PayPoint vendor may allow you to use your PID (PurchaseID) number, the 19 digit number printed on the front of your top-up card, to top up your credit until your card is found or replaced.

If you are a vulnerable customer and are out of credit on your gas meter, we can request for a meter operator to visit your property within 4 hours to apply your meter with a credit until your new gas card arrives.

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