Green Energy

What is renewable energy?

At Co-op Energy, we’re committed to fighting climate change and building a better, more sustainable future for everyone. As part of this, we obtain 100% of all our elecctricity from renewable sources.

But what exactly do we mean when we say this? What is renewable energy?

While fossil fuels - such as coal, oil and natural gas - are finite, renewable energy sources are naturally replenished, meaning they will never run out. This could mean solar, wind, hydro, or a number of other sources. Renewable energy is one of our best hopes at reducing our carbon footprint and fighting climate change.

At Co-operative Energy, we purchase renewable energy from various co-operative and community solar, wind and hydro plants all over the country. And using our award-winning User Chooser service, you can let us know your preferred energy source mix, providing customers with a voice and guiding our future purchasing direction.

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