What are the benefits of having a Smart Meter?

A Smart Meter will make your life a lot easier.

Information about your energy consumption is automatically transmitted back to us, so apart from occasional meter safety checks, you should never need to let a meter reader into your home, or provide us with a meter reading. This also means an end to estimated bills, so you'll only be paying for the gas and/or electricity you use.

Your Smart Meter can come with a handy portable in-home display device (IHD), so you can see exactly how much energy you're using at home in near-real time.

The IHD clearly displays both your gas and electricity consumption, both near-real time and your historic consumption. We are looking at ways we can provide this information to you online or by smart phone app, which some customers may find more useful.

Once you've built up your own consumption history, it becomes easy to compare your energy use with similar periods in previous years or, for example, by month in the same year.

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