What is a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters are the next generation of energy meters. They replace your current gas and electricity meters and will make managing you energy easier than ever before. The UK will be rolling out Smart Meters as standard across the country by 2020.

Smart Meters will make your life easier in a number of ways:

Accurate billing

Smart Meters can be read remotely, putting an end to estimated billing.

Usage information 

You’ll see detailed, near-real time and historic information about your energy consumption, and how much it is costing you. Armed with this information, you can save energy and money while lowering your carbon output.

Smart prepayment

Just one of a number of convenient payment methods. With online and smartphone app payments, there will be no more need to dash to the shop to top up.

Energy suppliers across the country are getting together to create Smart Energy GB, which is running the national campaign for the smart meter roll-out. It’s their task, along with suppliers, to help everyone in Great Britain understand Smart Meters, the national roll-out and how to use their new meters.

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