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Can I use my current Co-op membership card to collect points on my Energy spend?

To collect membership points on your Energy spend, you must be a member of The Midcounties Co-operative. If you’re a member of a different Co-operative, don’t worry. It’s easy to sign up for Midcounties Co-operative membership – and you don’t even need to live in the Midcounties area. To apply, click here and fill in the form.

 Keep hold of your original membership card so you can continue to use it locally. Your new Midcounties membership will be clocking up points as you pay your energy bills and enter your meter readings.

You will be rewarded with points for every £2 spent on your energy payments and for meter readings, which in turn entitles you to a Share of the Profits. You can even choose to have your Share of the Profits credited directly towards your energy bill.

You can tell which co-operative you are a member of by looking at the first 8 digits of the membership number on your membership card. The Society name will also be printed on the bottom left hand corner of the membership card.

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