Smart Meters

Should I get a smart meter?

The government has set the target of every household in the UK having access to a smart meter by the end of 2020. Energy suppliers have until this time to complete their individual rollouts. However, you are under no legal obligation to have a smart meter installed and can refuse if you want.

As with any change, you may be asking yourself if it’s really worth it.

Smart meters are being introduced for a reason, to improve the energy market for both customers and suppliers. They offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Only pay for the energy you use – Smart meters automatically provide us with information about your consumption, meaning you’ll always get accurate bills and only pay for the energy you use.
  • Get a clearer picture of your usage – Your smart meter also comes with a handy display, which shows you exactly how much energy you’re using, as well as how much it costs.
  • Save money on your bills – By showing your energy usage in real-time, you can quickly and easily highlight areas where you could make changes, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on your bills.
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