What discounts are available?

All of our tariffs accurately reflect the costs we face which is why we don’t offer any additional discounts. However, there are some bonuses to getting your energy with the Co-operative Energy;

Online-only Tariffs

Tariffs which require you to manage your account online (such as the Fair & Square or Co-op Online tariff) reduce the costs we face and, as such, will be amongst the cheapest available.

Membership Points

If you are a Midcounties Co-operative member, you will be awarded points as you pay your bills and submit meter readings. You can also build up points by shopping in our other trading groups such as food, travel and healthcare. These points then are added up once a year and you will receive a share of our profits based on the number of points you have earned. Click here to become a member.

We send out your share of profits in the form of shopping vouchers, which we post to your home address or, alternatively, you can choose to take the value of the vouchers off your energy bill.

To become a member and collect points on your Energy spend, click here.

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