Cosy FAQs

What is a Cosy thermostat?
Cosy is a wireless, multi-user home heating system that puts temperature control in the palm of your hand, from wherever you are in the world. The system lets you control your heating and hot water from a mobile thermostat and from mobile devices (smart phones, tablets etc.) particularly when away from home.

How do I claim my free Cosy thermostat?
Once your domestic property address is on supply for this tariff, a unique transaction code will be issued to you via post or email to enable you to get your free GEO Cosy thermostat worth an RRP of £249.95 (Inclusive of installation). (Price correct at time of publication).

How do I install my Cosy thermostat?
Cosy works in parallel with your current heating system, and installation is free as part of this tariff offer, provided by Cosy. Your Cosy thermostat delivery should not be opened prior to delivery.

How do I know if the Cosy thermostat is compatible in my home?
Take a look at the tariff Terms and Conditions, section 34 (URL to tariff T&Cs) to understand the Cosy compatibility requirements.

Does the code have an end date?
Yes, the unique transaction code will be valid until 22 November 2017.

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