What do price changes mean to me?

If you are on a fixed tariff

When you sign up to Co-operative Energy on a fixed tariff, we buy all of your gas and electricity upfront. This ensures that the costs we face to supply your energy is locked in and therefore there will not be any price changes during the duration of the tariff.

Around 6-7 weeks before your contract ends, we will send you a reminder and provide you with details of tariffs you can move on to. Where possible, we like to keep your prices the same, however this is dependent on the costs we face at the time.

If you are on a variable tariff

When you sign up to Co-operative Energy on a variable tariff, we buy a proportion of your energy upfront, usually covering a number of months. This ensures that, should wholesale costs increase, you are protected for the initial period. However, when wholesale costs fall, the same protection is in place so, sadly, we can’t immediately reduce your price.

Our variable tariff has no fixed term, which means you can leave at any time and there is no exit fee to pay. We will always give you at least 30 days’ notice before any changes take effect. At this point you may decide to move to one of our other tariffs or start looking to switch to another supplier. Providing this information early on is part of our core values of openness, honesty and transparency.

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