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If you're looking for affordable gas and electricity tariffs, you've come to the right place. Unlike other energy suppliers, at Co-operative Energy, we pride ourselves on our clear, reasonable prices.

We believe you should know exactly how much you’re paying, which is why we offer fair prices continuously throughout your contract, not just at the beginning. We also outline exactly what makes up your statement, and explain clearly how energy prices change.

Alongside our fees, we also understand how our customers' needs differ. This is why we have a large selection of gas and electricity deals to choose from, including fixed and variable options, so you're bound to find a package that suits your energy usage and budget. To find the best rate for you, we have comparison tool, which allows you to compare gas and electricity prices and see exactly how much you could save by switching to Co-operative Energy. It only takes a few minutes and could help you significantly reduce your energy bills. 

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Electricity & gas

Compare our gas and electricity prices to see if you could save money on your energy.

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At Co-operative Energy, we genuinely care about the world we live in. This is why one of our goals is to help reduce climate change; we’re aiming to obtain a big 75% of our energy from renewable energy sources over the next three years.

Encouraging our customers to reduce their energy bills is also important to us. We provide energy saving tips and advice regularly, as well as sell a number of energy saving products, including LED lighting.  Alongside this, as a co-operative, we are run by our members, which means that when we make a profit, it’s local communities and you who see the benefits. 

We make it as simple as possible to switch gas and electricity providers. Simply fill out your details online, compare and switch. We’ll do all the hard work for you, including contacting your existing supplier.

It’s really that easy.