Dual Fuel Energy

At Co-operative Energy, we offer easy-to-understand, fair prices across our electricity and dual fuel tariffs with 100% renewable electricity as standard across all our tariffs. Our aim is to be completely transparent with the cost of your energy, as well as explain in simple terms exactly what you need to know about the different energy tariffs. 

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What is dual fuel?

A dual fuel energy tariff is where you receive your gas and electricity from one supplier, instead of receiving both from two separate energy suppliers, which is usually more common. At Co-operative Energy, we have a number of great value deals, which you can view below.

How do I switch?

The truth is, switching is actually really easy. Simply scroll down to view our current dual fuel tariffs, see how they match up with your existing energy plans or enter your postcode to get a quote. When you have decided on a tariff, we will take care of the switch for you. It’s that easy!

Can anyone have a dual fuel tariff?

Anyone who uses mains electricity and mains gas can switch to a dual fuel tariff. However, if you receive standalone electricity, electricity and oil or solid fuel and bottled gas, you will not be able to take up a dual fuel tariff.

Why should I switch to Co-operative Energy?

Dual fuel tariffs come with a number of benefits, which could make it the best energy option for you.


It makes dealing with your energy bills much easier. You will only need to liaise with one energy supplier, and you can see exactly how much you’re paying for your energy in one tariff.

Great value

Using the same provider for your gas and electricity can make your bills cheaper. At Co-operative Energy, we offer affordable rates. To see how much you could save by switching to one of our tariffs, simply visit our online comparison tool.


At Co-operative Energy, we are committed to sustainable living. This is why we offer energy saving tips and smart technology advice to our customers, which helps to reduce their energy consumption.