The benefits of a Smart meter

What are the benefits of a Smart meter? From more accurate bills to encouraging eco-friendly habits, we've broken down all the reasons why Co-op Energy loves Smart meters – and why you should, too! 

1. Track what you’re using in pounds and pence

When you can see your energy usage in real time, it makes it much easier to see where you can cut back and make savings. Which is good for you and the planet.

2. Say goodbye to estimated bills and meter readings

Smart meters send all your meter readings straight to your supplier. So you don't have to lift a finger to make sure your bills are clear and accurate.

And even better – no matter which of our energy tariffs you choose, you'll only ever pay for what you use.

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3. Help to build a greener Britain

If everyone in the country has a Smart meter by 2020, it could help every household waste less energy – lowering energy bills and carbon emissions in the process.

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4. Make the most of a modernised energy industry

In time, Smart meters could lead to innovative new energy tariffs, faster and smoother switching, and fairer, more personalised bills. Making it much easier for you to get the best deal. Just watch this space for exciting new products from Co-op Energy...

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