At Co-op Energy, we have mix of electricity tariffs for you to choose from, helping you find a tariff which is right for you. All of our tariffs use 100% renewable electricity as standard. Electric prices can fluctuate. However, we always offer our customers fair and transparent electricity prices, so you can be sure you’re always getting a good deal.

We also understand that not all our customers have the same priorities. That’s why as a Co-op Energy customer, you have the option to choose where your electricity comes from using our User Chooser service. So, if you wish, you can opt to support local renewable energy projects near you.

As an electricity supplier committed to tackling climate change, you’ll also find loads of handy tips on our website to help you cut your electricity costs. Our electricity tariffs have a number of different criteria, so you can choose an option which is as flexible or as stable as you need it to be. If you’d like to switch your energy supplier to us, take a look at our various tariff options below to see our best electricity prices and get a quote to find out how much you could save. 

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12M Default Fixed Dec 2019 v1

Fix your prices until December 2020

Dual fuel or electricity only

Direct Debit and pay on receipt of bill

Warm home discount available - subject to eligibility

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