Community Power

Introducing Community Power: the UK’s only tariff powered by 100% community-generated electricity and one of the highest green gas percentages in the UK at 25%. Truly the cream of the green energy crop.

As the UK’s leading supporter of community-generated energy, we are very excited about this tariff, and you should be too. For only £5 extra a month, on top of our current fixed products, you can support community energy and invest in local communities across the country whilst paying generators a fair price for the power they produce. Read on to find out more.



What would you choose?

A punnet of ripe strawberries from down the road or a bunch flown in from Spain?

Nothing wrong with Spanish strawberries, but the local one is all the sweeter for the jobs it creates

Local honey from the farmer’s market or a honey blend from who knows where?

Honey blends are fine, but the local one supports local business and wildlife in your area

Commercial power stations or a groups of passionate people down the road?

Commercial power provides electricity to loads of homes, but they have investors to please. The passionate people coming together to create a wind farm or put solar panels on a school use their profits wisely and share them amongst the community

How does it work?

In preparation for this tariff, we have bought enough electricity to service thousands of homes exclusively on community-generated power. We also pay these generators more for this energy to ensure a fair price, and as an investment into their community.

Many of these community sites are co-ops just like us. This is why we know that our extra investment is going to be shared amongst communities where these sites are based and to help keep community generation alive and thriving. Choosing this tariff gives you the chance to support co-operatively owned renewable energy projects that invest their profits into their local communities. This means there are no fat cats to be seen, as we share our profits amongst members and communities as standard too, it’s all part of being a co-op.

Why should you get excited?

This isn’t your standard energy contract, It’s something that hasn’t been done before in the energy market; bringing customers and community generators together to help build an even stronger sustainable world, funnelling investments into what matters the most; to fund more renewable energy projects, help vulnerable members of the community, and running educational programmes for kids to name just a few.

How much does it cost?

The green goodness of the Community Power tariff will only cost you £5 extra per month than our current fixed rate tariffs. It’s available in either a one or two year fixed contract so you can protect your prices for longer.