Moving Home?

At Co-operative Energy, we want your house move to be as easy and stress-free as possible. This is why, at any stage of your journey, you will find information here on how to organise your energy bills and what to do when moving house.

If you're moving home, fill out this simple form to let us know

If you’ve recently settled into a new property, you may be thinking about switching suppliers. The truth is, changing energy providers could save you hundreds of pounds each year, as well as making a step towards greener living. To find out how much you could save by switching, click here.

If you’re renting, read about your rights to switch.

Before you’ve moved

1. Who to notify when moving house

First of all, you need to inform your current energy supplier at least 48 hours before you move. Don’t forget to leave your forwarding address for the final bill. 

2. Take meter readings

On your last day in the property, you will need to provide your current supplier with meter readings for your household utilities. If you’re unsure how to do this, have a read of our easy-to-follow instructions on providing a meter reading. Make sure you take note of your meter reading to compare it with your final bill when it arrives.

If we’re your energy supplier

If you’re with Co-operative Energy, it’s quicker to notify us and provide meter readings via our online form. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to someone, you can call a friendly member of our moving home team who will be happy to help on 0800 781 1605. If you have a smart meter, we can take readings automatically provided we know your moving date.

After you’ve moved

1. Take a meter reading at your new home

As soon as you move in, you should take a meter reading to ensure that your first bill is accurate.

2. Contact the supplier of your new property

You will need to call the energy supplier of your new property and provide your meter readings. Your new supplier will more than likely offer you a tariff to continue, so you should research other prices to ensure you’re receiving the best deal. Click here to compare our tariffs and find the cheapest option for you. If you’re renting, read about tenant rights on switching energy suppliers.

If we’re the property’s energy supplier

If you’ve moved into your new home and we’re the gas and/or electricity provider, you just need to give us a call or fill out this handy online form and we’ll be happy to continue our services or offer assistance.

How to find out your gas or electricity supplier

If you don’t know the utility provider, you can contact the relevant number below for assistance. 

For details on your gas supplier, call the Meter Point Administration Service on 0870 608 1524.

To find out what electricity company you’re with, you will need to contact the local electricity distribution centre in your region. Click here for a full list of phone numbers.

If your new home has a prepayment meter

If you’ve recently moved into a home with a prepayment meter and are interested in changing to a credit meter, you will need to contact the current supplier.

For properties fitted with a Co-operative prepayment meter, please call us on 0800 7811605 at your earliest convenience and we will happily set up your new account or offer assistance on switching to another tariff.

How to switch energy suppliers

At Co-operative Energy, our aim is to be completely clear and transparent with our customers, which is why our product prices are fair and uncomplicated. Switching energy suppliers can save you hundreds of pounds each year and can help towards sustainability. If you are interested in switching, click here to compare, switch and save. It’s really easy. If you have moved into a rental property, read your rights as a tenant.