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10 ingenious pieces of furniture you can make out of pallets

Posted on 26 April 2016

If you’re looking to cut the cost of furnishing your home, why not try crafting some of the items yourself? Despite requiring a little more effort than saving energy to reduce your expenses, upcycling disused household items can result in your home being filled with fun, unique pieces of furniture.

One of the most versatile items upcyclers love to reinvent are pallets. To give you a little inspiration as to what you could create with a bit of practice, here are 10 ingenious pieces of furniture you can make out of pallets.

Think upcycling is for you? Here’s how to get involved in the latest sustainability trend.

1. Coffee tables

coffee table 

Image credit:

In need of a new coffee table? Stick two pallets on top of each other, add wheels, give it a lick of paint and you’ve got yourself a moveable table with plenty of storage.

2. Patio furniture

 patio furniture

Image credit:

It’s hard to believe, but underneath this tropical outdoor seating area is actually just a small, concrete balcony. These renters transformed their outdoor area entirely using pallets, without drilling into the existing walls or floor. Incredible, right?

3. Wall art

 wall art

Image credit:

Pallets aren’t just for functional items, they can in fact be decorative too. The above letters, which are made out of pallets and plywood templates, are unrecognisable from their original pallet form.

4. Swings


Image credit:

Fancy adding an extra feature to your garden? This fun pallet swing would be fairly simple to recreate, as long as you’ve got a strong support!

5. Sofas


Image credit:

If you’re after a low lying sofa for a fraction of the cost, stacking and securing pallets, then covering them in colourful cushions makes a great DIY sofa.  

6. Hall tables

 hall tables

Image credit:

A great piece of furniture for large hallways or dining rooms, making your furniture fit your space perfectly is also a bonus.

7. Wine bars

 wine bars

Image credit:

If you like to entertain, a makeshift wine bar will be right up your street. The creator decided to cover up an awkward skylight in the middle of the room by turning it into a table. After simply placing four pallets on top and using wine crates as stools, they had a fully functioning wine bar. 

8. Wooden chests

wooden chests 

Image credit:

The creator of these wooden chests has actually turned their hobby into a business, making beautiful hand crafted furniture out of pallet wood.

9. Desks


Image credit:

If you’re in need of a new desk, why not create an original design for yourself? Pallets are great for storage so there’s plenty of room to keep all your stationary!

10. Sheds


Image credit:

Feeling adventurous? This shed was built almost entirely out of pallets, minus the metal roofing and windows. In fact, the whole structure was made using 90% repurposed materials, making it one very eco-friendly upcycle.

What have you created out of pallets? Let us know via Twitter!

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