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12 Clever Storage Tricks for Small Living Spaces

Posted on 10 March 2016

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to live in million pound mansions, however that doesn’t mean your home can’t still look fabulous. Smart living extends beyond just energy saving, so when it comes to maximising the potential of small living spaces, getting inventive with your storage solutions can work wonders.

So, if you’re fed up of constantly tripping over your partner’s shoes, or rummaging around in overfilled cupboards, here are 12 clever storage tricks to help transform your home.

1. Invisible shoe rack 

invisible shoe rack 

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Need a solution to that pile of shoes building up by your front door? This crafty cupboard from IKEA keeps shoes hidden away so you can best utilise your hall space.

2. Alcove desks

alcove desk 

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If you’ve got an unused alcove, transforming it into a mini office area is a great way give it a functional use, as well as saving space.

3. Bathtub storage

bathtub storage 

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For those of you who are forever lugging cleaning products to and from your bathroom, converting your bathtub into a sneaky storage space could be just what you need. Perfect for hiding away numerous bathroom products, the Stowaway bathtub makes the most of a space that is usually totally unused.

4. Basket shelving

basket shelving 

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 Not got enough room for shelves in your bathroom? A cheap and easy solution is to use baskets instead. All you need is a couple of baskets, a few screws and a power drill, making this storage trick very cost effective.

5. Storage benches

storage benches 

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If you’ve got a small living room, giving objects more than one function can save a lot of space. Window seats and benches are great places for hidden or open storage, allowing you to save room on extra cabinets.

6. Charging stations

charging stations 

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With most of us having multiple gadgets these days, we’ve also got plenty of chargers that we’d rather keep hidden. Turning an old letter rack into a charging station is a great way to store your chargers, as well as keeping your phone off the floor when its plugged in.

7. Backsplash baskets

backsplash baskets 

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Need to declutter your kitchen surfaces? Attach a basket rail or hooks to the wall above your kitchen counter to keep items off your worktop and make cleaning your surfaces much easier.

8. Increase existing cupboard space

 cupboard space

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 Attach storage basket racks to the inside of existing cupboards to fully utilise the space. Just make sure the door still shuts before you screw them down!

9. Floor level drawers

 floor level drawers

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If you’re in need of more cupboard space, making the most of the floor space beneath your current cupboards could be just the answer. Surprisingly easy to achieve, the tutorial on The Family Handyman shows you how you can recreate these drawers at home.

10. Loft beds

loft beds 

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If you don’t have room to spread your stuff out horizontally, a simple solution is to stack it up vertically. Loft beds are a great way to maximise a small space, incorporating a desk, shelves and bed all in one area.

11. Above the sink storage

sink storage 

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Having enough storage in the bathroom is always a problem, but adding shelving above your sink is a great solution. If you’re feeling crafty, you can fashion something similar to the shelf above out of pallet slats, but if not, a simple thin shelf should also do the trick!

 12. Jewellery ice cube trays

 ice cube trays

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Jewellery cluttering up your drawers or strewn across your bedside tables? Try storing your earrings, necklaces and bracelets in ice cube trays, making them easily accessible and preventing tangled necklace and odd earring fiascos.

Have you got any great storage tricks? Share them with us via Twitter

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