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3 creative ways to light up your home

Posted on 14 March 2016

Studies have shown that the amount of natural light in your rooms can seriously affect your mood. So, in order to spread some happiness, we decided to investigate DIY lighting hacks that can add light to your life on a budget.

Enter the humble mason jar. From practical roots in preserving foods, the mason jar has blossomed into a versatile decorative element that can be used almost anywhere in your home.

In this post, we’ll look at how this age-old commodity can be transformed to light up your living space.

1)   Simple stylish wall lights

If it’s simple ways to create more light that you’re looking for, then look no further! This quick and effective candlelight hack can be crafted easily by screwing hooks into planks of wood and then attaching a picture hook to the back to hang on your wall.

All that’s left to do then is place your favourite candles inside your mason jars and hang them from your new inexpensive feature.

Why not try painting the wood different colours to match the décor in your room? These could work well as both indoor and outdoor lighting!

 wall lights

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If you’re not a dab hand with a screwdriver, you can get your hands on lots of different style lanterns on Etsy ranging from £15- £40.

2)   Make your own unique lamp lighting

Although their prime purpose is to bring light into a room, sometimes shop bought lamps lack style and can appear dull and boring. Create your own unique lamp that you can be sure no-one else will have in their home by repurposing your old mason jars. The great news is most standard lamp fittings, which can be bought at electrical shops and hardware stores for as little as £5, can be attached to mason jars with ease, leaving you with the more important decision of which lampshade to sit on top.

We love this idea of using a coloured mason jar from Life as a Thrifter

 unique lamp lighting

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If you need further design inspiration, there’s lots of crafty people from around the world selling their own mason jar lamp designs on Etsy – or you can cheat and buy a pre-made one from around £30.

3)   Create your own statement light fixtures

With rustic and industrial interior design becoming ever more popular, the mason jar chandelier has become a fashionable choice (with a somewhat un-fashionable price tag – sometimes costing up to £300!). Who would have thought the simple mason jar could be turned into such a beautiful light fitting?

If you want an eye-catching lighting fixture that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, now is the time to make your own! Follow this straightforward step by step guide from @charmimperfect to create your very own statement lighting, without the costly price tag.

We think this looks better than most of the ones available to buy, and nothing can buy that rewarding feeling knowing you created it yourself.

statement light feature 

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