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3 simple upcycling ideas to create the perfect home office

Posted on 1 July 2016

If you often find yourself working from home, it’s important to have a space that you enjoy spending time in. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an entire room, or just a small desk in a corner, having somewhere that you can go to get in the right mindset to work is key to being productive.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current home office, but want to keep costs to a minimum, why not try your hand at upcycling, the latest sustainability trend? Upcycling is cheap, easy and can give you amazing results – even if you’re not particularly crafty!

If you’re lacking inspiration for what to do with your home office, why not try one of these 3 simple upcycling ideas?

1) Terrarium


If you’re stuck behind a desk all day, you can sometimes start to forget what the outside world looks like! Bring some greenery into your home office by creating your own miniature terrariums. You can create these using just about any old glass container, from jam jars and coffee pots to light bulbs and wine bottles. All you need is some activated charcoal, some gravel, soil and your favourite succulent plants – things like cacti, which can survive with little or no watering.

2) Floppy disk stationary holder

 Floppy disk stationary holder

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Back before the days of tiny USB pen drives and unlimited storage in ‘The Cloud’, offices used to be littered with floppy disks. If you’ve still got some old, unused ones lying around, why not get a bit nostalgic and make one of these handy stationary holders? All you need to do is carefully drill some holes in five floppy disks and use cable ties to hold them together. Or, if you don’t fancy getting the drill out, you can achieve the same effect by using superglue to attach them together.

3) Hanging storage

 Hanging storage

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If you’ve only got limited space in your home office, finding new and inventive storage solutions can help keep your space as tidy as possible. This upcycle gives new life to old jam jars, turning them into a hanging storage solution. All you need to do is use superglue to attach the jar lids to your shelf, and then fill the jars with whatever you want.

Want to take your upcycling the next level? Why not try these 10 ingenious pieces of furniture you can make out of pallets?

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