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5 cheap and easy decorating ideas for renters on a budget

Posted on 5 May 2016

If you rent your property, finding ways to add personality to your home can be tricky. With restrictions on everything from hanging pictures to painting your walls, as well as the limitations of your wallet, the end result tends be a little bland.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be! Luckily for you savvy renters, you don’t actually have to fork out for pricey furniture to reinvent your new space. Here are five cheap and easy decorating ideas for renters on a budget.

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1)   Pegs and polaroid prints

pegs and polaroid 

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A great way to hang pictures without hammering nails into the wall, pegging polaroid photos to lengths of wire or string instantly adds personality to a space. If you don’t have anything to tie your string to, you can also create the same effect by attaching chicken wire to a wooden frame and propping it up.

2)   Line furniture with wallpaper

 furniture wallpaper

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If you own your own furniture, you can liven up a room by lining the backs of cupboards and drawers with your favourite wallpaper patterns. A quick way to brighten up a neutral room, bright or patterned wallpaper quickly draws your eye away from plain white walls.

3)   Turn your possessions in decoration

possessions decorations 

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Can’t afford to splash out on extra cosmetic furniture? Display your current possessions as decorations instead! Add colour and textures to your rooms by putting out anything from jewellery to spice jars for little or no extra cost.

4)   Year-round fairy lights

 fairy lights

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Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas, they’re also an easy way to illuminate dingy spaces and create a cosy atmosphere. To make things even better, they require minimal effort on your part; you simply need to hang them up and you’re ready to go!

5)   Go wild with washi tape

 washi tape

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If you weren’t already aware of this ingenious invention, washi tape allows you to attach pictures to walls and add decoration to furniture without damaging what’s underneath. It also comes in a range of colours and patterns so you can really put your stamp on a room. If you’re feeling really creative, you can even use it as an alternative to wallpaper!

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