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5 clever household gadgets for people who love to be lazy

Posted on 4 April 2016

Sometimes, the smallest of tasks seem to require the most amount of effort. If you’ve been struggling to keep up your lazy lifestyle lately, these nifty gadgets will let you control your household appliances right from your mobile.

Ready to make relaxing even easier? Here are our favourite lazy household gadgets. 

1. iKettle


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Fancy being able to turn on your kettle before you’ve even got out of bed? The iKettle lets you switch your kettle on from anywhere in your home via your smartphone, meaning you’ll never have wait for a cup of tea again. You can even ask your iKettle to keep the water warm for another half an hour, just in case you’re not quite ready to get up yet.

2. Hue Lighting Starter Kit


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If you’re the type of person who regularly sits in the dark rather than bothering to turn your lights on, the Hue Lighting Starter Kit could be just what you need. Giving you the ability to control up to 50 lightbulbs from your mobile, you’ll not only be able to switch your lights on and off, but also control their brightness and turn them on remotely.

3. Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

smart herb garden 

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For those of you who like the idea of growing herbs but aren’t too keen on actually having to look after them, you need to get yourself a Smart Herb Garden. Simply fill the pot up once a month and it will use its inbuilt sensors to ensure your herbs receive the optimal amount of water, oxygen and nutrients.

4. Cosy Smart Thermostat

 smart thermostat

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control the temperature of your home without even having to get up? Or even switch your heating on and off when you’re not in the house? Well, the Cosy smart thermostat will allow you to do exactly that.

The Cosy thermostat has three settings: Slumber, Comfy and Cosy, so you can set your home’s temperature depending on whether you’re out and about or wrapped up on the sofa. The Cosy mobile app also supports multiple users; so more than one family member can take control of your home’s temperature. If that wasn’t enough, there’s even the option to regulate your hot water, and by having more control over your thermostat, the device will help you save energy too.

5.  Netatmo Weather Station


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Not one for going outside? If you’d still like to know what the weather’s like but can’t really muster the energy to open a window, get yourself a Netatmo Weather Station. Designed to help you discover your environment and maximise your well-being, it’ll inform you what the air quality’s like inside your home, and what the weather’s like outside.

What’s your favourite smart gadget? Let us know via Twitter!

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