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5 cutting-edge gadget concepts for the futuristic home

Posted on 18 April 2016

With smart technology becoming increasingly advanced, the modern day home is starting to look even more futuristic. Moving beyond your smart meters and remotely controlled thermostats, some of the latest household gadget concepts seem more Star Trek than smart tech. So, if you’d like to give your home a sci-fi makeover, here are 5 cutting-edge gadgets that you might be able to add to your home in the not too distant future.

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1) Orbital washing machine

orbital washing machine 

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Fancy saving both time and money doing your washing? Well, the Orbital washing machine does just that. The space-age looking drum actually doubles up as your wash basket, so when it’s full, you simply put it straight in the washing machine. On top of that, the Orbital machine uses less energy and less water to clean your clothes, making it more cost effective too.

2) Transparent TV

transparent tv 

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If you’d rather your TV not be the main feature of your living room but would still like it to be a generous size, the Loewe Invisio TV could be just what you’re after. Although only still a prototype, the almost entirely transparent TV concept is also being developed by more commercial companies such as Panasonic, so you might be seeing them in your living room sooner than you think.

3) Self-sterilising door handle

 door handle

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Another gadget still in the concept stage, this self-sterilising door handle uses an inbuilt UV lamp to keep the handle sterile when it’s not in use. As soon as an individual pushes the handle down, it switches off the lamp. When it the handle is let go, the UV lamp comes back on, preventing the spread of germs around the house.

4) Electrolux fireplace


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Intrigued by the idea of a portable fireplace? The Electrolux fireplace begins as an opaque ceramic tower which slowly turns translucent as the flame burns inside, heating up the surface. Definitely one for people with cold hands, you could take this little heater with you as you move around your home.

5) Document Extractor Combi Monitor

combi monitor 

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The Document Extractor Combi Monitor is a touchscreen desktop monitor, printer and scanner combined, designed to both save space and make working more efficient. As well as saving you the trouble of paying a visit to the printer, you would also be able to crop and print small sections of images on editing programs, such as Photoshop.

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