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5 energy bill splitting apps for students

Posted on 26 October 2015

After starting back at university, the last thing you want to be thinking about is sorting out your energy bills. If you’re not exactly organised when it comes to your bank account and have already extended your overdraft, you might benefit from downloading a money or energy management app to keep on top of your payments. So, to help you avoid any household squabbles, we’ve rounded up our top five apps for taking the stress out of paying your bills.


Phones & Tablets: Free

Even if you’re super organised when it comes to counting your cash, there’s always going to be one housemate who isn’t on the ball. To take the pressure off the unfortunate housemate who’s been given responsibility of managing the house finances, you can say goodbye to any awkward money conversations by using Splittable. Free to download on iOS and Android, this app shows users exactly who’s paid their bills and who hasn’t so you can avoid any unnecessary hassling.

Available in the App Store and Google Play

Bill Assistant

iPhone: £1.49 – iPad: £2.29

Quite simply, Bill Assistant will send you reminders when it’s time to pay your next energy bill so you’re not left having to fork out for any late payment fees. The best thing about this iOS app however, is that it also records your payments and confirmation numbers so know exactly what bills you’ve paid for. Despite costing £1.49 to download, if your mind turns to mush when it comes to managing your money, it’ll probably save you a few headaches in the future.

Available in the App Store

Money Dashboard

Phones & Tablets: Free


Available for both Android and iOS, Money Dashboard is one of the best apps for monitoring your spending and luckily for thrifty students, it’s absolutely free. The app works with all major banks and credit card companies to update your transactions daily, making it easier to ensure you have enough money left in your account when it’s time to pay your energy bill.

Available in the App Store and Google Play


Phones, Tablets & Apple Watch: Free

If you’re not really a fan of filling out spreadsheets, Splitwise can help you keep track of exactly who owes what. Free to download on iPhone and Android, you can easily split your bills, rent and any other household expenditures without any awkward conversations with your housemates. The app even keeps a running total over time so you can always look back and check whether you’re up to date with your payments.

Available in the App Store and Google Play


Phones & Tablets: Free

Since there are more important things to worry about at university than paying your energy bills, make life easy for yourself by getting on top of them right from the start. For those of you looking to save money this winter, check out our 10 easy ways to reduce your energy bill

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