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5 unusual ways to save

Posted on 1 March 2017

There are lots of simple ways you can save energy, but have you heard the quick and easy tips below before? They’re sure to save you some pennies and help save the planet. 

1. Turn the brightness and contrast down on your TV

A quick tip to reduce the amount of power your TV uses is to turn down the brightness and contrast. Plus, many newer televisions have special ‘eco’ modes, which means these settings are automatically configured for you. Check your TV manual to see if your television has this option.

If you’re planning to buy a new TV, think about how economical it will be. Like lightbulbs, LED televisions are one of the most energy-saving options available. Don’t forget to review the energy label to make sure – opting for a television with an efficiency rating of A+++ or A++ is recommended.

2. Turn off your Wi-Fi

How often do you turn your Wi-Fi router off when it’s not in use? The chances are, it’s left on continually. Try turning if off at the plug before you go to bed, and back on in the morning or when you return home from work for a simple way to avoid using energy when you don’t need to.

3. Stop using standby

Items such as televisions, games consoles and phone chargers all still consume energy when they’re on standby, even though they’re not in use.

Power down fully and switch off at the plug to make sure your electronics aren’t using energy when they don’t need to be.

4. Don’t forget about outdoor lighting

LED bulbs are growing in popularity in the home since they use far less energy than regular bulbs, last longer, are easy to fit and come in a number of shapes, sizes and colours.

However, have you considered your outdoor lighting? Lights such as security floodlights or porch lights are often old style halogen lighting, which can use up a lot of electricity and are often overlooked when thinking about LED bulbs. Take a look at the great range of LED floodlights from Co-operative Energy Saving.

5. Use an oven alternative

Ovens take a long time to heat up and long time to cook food, so using oven alternatives where possible is an easy way to reduce your energy consumption.

Slow cookers use far less electricity than a regular oven and are ideal for those of us who run a busy schedule. Microwaves are another economical option, cooking food far quicker than an oven would.

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