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6 ways to save energy before you’ve gone downstairs in the morning

Posted on 26 October 2015

Keeping the costs down over the winter months isn’t always easy. With rising energy bills and Christmas on the horizon, many of us across the UK will be looking for ways to cut back and save our pennies. Luckily, cutting back on your energy usage is one of the easiest ways to keep hold of your cash, with many energy saving solutions requiring you to do very little. So, to prove just how simple saving energy really is, we’ve come up with six ways you can save energy before you’ve even made it down the stairs in the morning.

Unplug chargers

Many of us like to charge our phones overnight, however chargers will use energy for the entire time they’re plugged in. Charging devices for just the amount of time they need to charge will help save energy, as will unplugging unused chargers from the wall. A simple way to manage this is by plugging chargers into an extension cable and turning it off at the wall when not in use.

Keep curtains closed

Keeping your curtains closed when you get up in the morning will help prevent cold air seeping in through the windows, as well as making heating your home more efficient. To prevent more heat loss, hang curtains with a thick lining to further reduce the cold air getting in.

Turn down your thermostat

No one enjoys getting out of bed in the winter, but turning your thermostat down by just 1˚C can save you between £85 and £90 worth of energy annually. Most of us are unlikely to notice a 1˚C drop in temperature but you’ll definitely notice to reduction in your energy bill!

Switch off the lights when you leave a room

Even if you’re just nipping to the bathroom, your bedroom lights will still be guzzling energy while you’re not in the room. Switching them off will reduce the amount of wasted energy in your home and will definitely reduce your energy costs. If you want to go one step further, switch to low energy LED lightbulbs which use 90% less energy and last 10-20 times longer.

Reduce your time in the shower

Although a long, warm shower is tempting, spending just one minute less in the shower will reduce your energy bill by £10 per year. To save even more energy in the shower, you can also reduce the pressure on your shower head or even install a water efficient shower head to maintain the powerful shower sensation.

Turn off the radio before you go downstairs

A lot of us listen to the radio in the morning, with many of us switching it on as soon as we get up. However, it’s also pretty common for some of us to head downstairs without switching it off when we leave the room. Making sure you don’t leave electronics on when you’re not in the room is an easy way to save energy and will help to keep your costs down.

If you’d like to discover a few more ways you can save energy and money, check out our top ten tips for saving energy or watch our handy videos on how you can reduce your energy bills at home. 

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