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8 easy energy saving habits that could cut your bills

Posted on 30 June 2016

Tired of big energy bills but not sure how to tackle them? Simply changing your normal routine and how you carry out tasks can save hundreds of pounds each year.

Many believe reducing your energy bills means making big changes or investing heavily on devices, but you can actually cut your energy usage and save money just by altering everyday behaviours.

If you want to save hundreds of pounds each year, start with these 8 simple energy saving habits.

1. Hang your clothes to dry

Dry clothes

Ever used a tumble dryer when the weather's pleasant outside? A 2014 study by the Energy Saving Trust found that UK families were collectively wasting more than £120m a year using their tumble dryers during summer months. In total, you could save £18 on your annual bills by pegging out the washing in June, July and August. If you don't want to rely on the weather, invest in a clothes horse or hang your items up in an isolated room.

2. Turn off your lights

Turn the lights off

Simply switching off your lights when you exit a room or leave the house can save 20% on your electricity bills. Change to energy-saving lightbulbs for even more savings!

3. Wash clothes in cold water

Always make sure your clothes are washed

Up to 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is used heating up water. Washing your clothes in cold water still removes stains and offers an energy efficient alternative. Cold water washes are increasingly popular, while detergents have been introduced specifically for this type of spin

4. Keep water in the fridge

Keep your water in the fridge

Did you know running the tap while you wait for the water to turn cold can waste more than 10 litres a day? Instead, place a jug of water in the fridge for when you need to quench your thirst.

5. Boil only the water you need

Only boil water you need

Ever filled the kettle up to the top unnecessarily? It takes longer to heat the water and you'll probably waste it anyway. Try filling your mug up first and only heat the amount of water you need.

6. Close doors and curtains

A pair of curtains

Keeping draughts out could save you between 5% and 30% on your bills each year. Close internal doors to keep the heat in and shut curtains - this can reduce heat loss by more than 10%.

7. Switch off standby

A remote

The average UK household could save up to £80 each year by turning off items left on standby, including phone chargers, printers and DVD players – which are some of the most expensive. You don’t need it so switch it off!

8. Choose energy efficient appliances

A kitchen

When purchasing new appliances, get into the habit of looking at their energy efficiency rating. You’ll often find that new appliances now have EU energy efficient labelling; A+++ is the most efficient while D is the least. By choosing the most energy efficient fridge freezer, for example, could save you £62 a year!

Find out more about how to find the most energy efficient appliances for your home.

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