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Community Energy Fortnight

Posted on 22 June 2017

As we come into the sunny(ish) Summer months we’re fast approaching a flurry of exciting events for community energy. The Community Energy Fortnight runs from June 24th through to July 9th and is again sponsored by Co-op Energy.

At the time of writing the fortnight includes a massive 56 events for people to attend, ranging from visiting community wind farms in Swindon (Westmill) or Swansea (Mynydd y Gwrhyd), through to the British Hydro Network conference and lots of talks on the latest developments and learnings from around the British Isles. Many of the events are free so make sure you make the most of them! I will be speaking at three of the events so please keep an eye out for me as well!

The Community Energy Fortnight is kicked off by the fifth Community Energy Conference on 24th June, this year entitled “Powering Together – taking back control of the energy revolution”. Co-op Energy are again sponsoring the event and we are excited for it being held in Manchester, the first time the event has been held in this area. We’ve arranged for some great speakers and workshops to take place throughout the day, covering issues such as Power Purchase Agreements, opportunities with storage and smart energy projects.

It seems likely that the recent election results will mean we have a Government that is not particularly supportive of community energy projects, or else too occupied on other matters to provide significant support. This means that now more than ever we need to come together, share our learnings and create an environment where community energy projects can flourish. We hope that the upcoming events are a way for us to realise this vision.


Josh Brown

Renewables Manager, Co-op Energy

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