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Make your Halloween Hallo-green

Posted on 24 October 2017

Halloween seems to be growing in popularity each year in the UK, which means more elaborate costumes and more spectacular decorations. Sounds expensive, right? But it doesn’t need to be. Check out some of our money-saving tips to make your Halloween spook-tastic on a budget.

Plan ahead

Giving yourself a little more time to plan means you can buy items cheaper online, hunt for them in charity shops or make costumes and decorations by recycling household items.

Pulling together your own costumes from thrifty bargains or crafting decorations from items you would otherwise throw away can be incredibly satisfying too.

Home Made Decorations

Jam jars can be one of the most useful items to wash out and keep. Not only are they great storage, but for parties, they are perfect for serving drinks in, saving on plastic cups. They can also be decorated to make spooky tea light holders.

Cereal box card is great for making scary cut outs. Glitter bats, tombstones and spooky silhouettes to add to lampshades are just a few ways you can use it.



Nothing could be more spooky and energy efficient than just turning the lights out for Halloween, but then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your beautifully created decorations.

Candles are a great option for creating some atmosphere. However, they need to be reserved for places where they can not be knocked over or burn little fingers.

If candles aren’t for you, LED lights are a really durable and energy efficient option for lighting your Halloween party. You can use them in a few months for Christmas too!

After the party

If you’ve made your decorations, many of them can either be packed away for next year or recycled. Pumpkins will compost, jam jars can be reused and paper put in your recycling bin, restoring your house back to a horror-free normality… ready for Christmas to descend!

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