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Undercover zombies - undead appliances

Posted on 24 October 2017

They’re hiding in plain sight. Inhabiting your homes and slowly, but surely sapping your energy. These undead devices and zombie appliances won’t eat your brains, but they might be taking a bite out of your funds.

What effect can these zombie appliances really have on your energy use?

Check out our zombie survival guide handy hints and tips below to defeat those appliances around the home that have maybe outlived their natural running lives as part of our Hallo-green series..

Frightening Fridges

With a 10-20 year lifespan and reliable technology, you can easily forget about your fridge. So what’s the damage if your fridge is a little past its usual life?  20 year old fridges can cost a terrifying 47% more to run than a brand new one (that’s about £21 per year). If your fridge is even older than that, say 25 years old, that increases to around a ghastly £28 per year. If you have a zombie fridge, consider having it serviced or even replacing it with an energy efficient model. You can also make sure you’re running your fridge at the right temperature (we recommend 5C) and that you’re not overloading it, which will keep its lust for energy at bay.

Demon Dishwashers

Technically, your dishwasher’s lifespan is about 10-15 years, so if your dishwasher is running on borrowed time, it could be costing you about £17 per year. New dishwashers are typically 27% cheaper to run. So it could be time to sacrifice your zombie dishwasher for something more energy efficient or get it serviced so it’s in tip-top condition.

Fearsome Freezers

A freezer will last you 10-20 years but a 20 year old freezer could be costing you up to a jaw-dropping 55% more to run than a brand new one, at around £38 per year. But if you don’t want to get a new freezer, make sure your existing one is running efficiently: defrost it regularly, get it serviced and don’t overload it, this will help keep your zombie freezer in check until you are ready to replace it with an energy efficient model.

So sniff out zombies in your own home – it could make a big impact on your energy usage. 

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