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Abundance Celebrates Wind Week by Offering People the Chance to Win a Share of a Wind Turbine

Posted on 10 June 2013

• Abundance is offering £250 of debentures in the 500 kW wind turbine in the Forest of Dean which was funded by small investors through Abundance last year • The prize includes a weekend stay for two at a local hotel and chance to visit the turbine • Wind Week runs from 8 June to 16 June, culminating in Global Wind Day on Saturday 15 June and is the annual celebration of wind energy run by the UK Action for Renewables campaign Abundance Generation - the FCA-regulated ‘democratic finance’ platform - is celebrating this year’s Wind Week by offering people the chance to win a share of an operational wind turbine previously funded by small investors via Abundance. The prize includes a weekend for two at a local hotel in the beautiful Forest of Dean and a chance to visit the turbine there. The winner will be the person who guesses most accurately how much energy the turbine produces during Wind Week. The winner’s prize will be £250 worth of debentures in the 500 Kw turbine in the Forest of Dean owned and operated by Resilient Energy Great Dunkilns (REGD) PLC and funded last year through £1.4 million of investment by small investors last year through the Abundance platform. As with all investments made in REGD, the winner’s debentures will pay a return based on a share of the revenues generated by making and selling clean renewable energy. When it is windier investors get higher returns on their investment and when less windy, lower returns. The weekend for two at the local hotel is worth a further £250. Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. Returns are variable and you may not get back all of your original investment. Debentures are long term investments and may not be readily realisable. Bruce Davis, cofounder and joint MD of Abundance said: “Wind Week is an important opportunity for the public to hear more of the facts behind the value of generating clean renewable energy through harnessing the UK’s huge wind resource, and our competition highlights just how easy it is for people to participate actively in supporting its development while gaining an inflation-beating return on their investment.” To win the competition, entrants must make the closest guess to the amount of energy the wind turbine at Great Dunkilns will generate during Wind Week. To enter, people simply need to go to the competition page at where they will find more details and links to the weather forecasts for the site, along with previous weekly generation figures to help them make their guess. The competition is open to anyone living in the UK over 18 years who is not a US national. Abundance is the first regulated online crowdfunding platform for renewable energy which aims to offer as many people as possible the chance to invest in renewable energy projects, including wind, solar and hydro across the UK. It is open to investors over 18 years to invest from just £5 and has raised £2.3m so far for 3 projects since launch in Spring 2012. You can find out more at Resilient Energy Great Dunkilns PLC was the first pioneering project to use the Abundance service to raise money for a 500 Kw wind turbine near St. Briavels in the Forest of Dean (click here for details). It raised £1.4 m from investors and has generated over 500,000 KwH since it was completed and commissioned in Oct 2012. Co-operative Energy buys the green energy produced by the REGD turbine and is a strong supporter of the idea of more independent renewable energy producers who allow their local community to invest and benefit financially from the production of clean, renewable energy.

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