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Give your old ladder some legs

Posted on 15 March 2016

Looking for additional storage for your books, trinkets and treasures, but don’t want to pay through the nose for new flat-pack shelving? Well it’s time to dust off your old step ladders and turn them into a stylish shelving solution.

This inexpensive quick fix could be the answer to all your prayers. Not only does it provide storage in abundance but it won’t take up too much room being easily leant against any wall in your home and it can quickly be picked up and moved if needs be. 

Build a ladder bookcase

Salvage your old decorating ladder and turn it into a rustic bookshelf in one simple step. All you need to do is attach your ladder to your chosen wall with a sturdy set of brackets which can be bought at DIY and hardware stores for as little as £4. Just make sure they’re strong enough to house your collection of heavy books.

If you’re not after the rustic look, give your ladder a quick lick of paint before attaching it to the wall. We think vibrant colours would certainly stand out and make this a real feature on a plain white wall.

ladder bookcase

Photo credit: naturallycre8tive 

Create your own step ladder shelving

Put your spare set of ladders to good use and create a stylish new free-standing shelving feature in your home. It’s so simple and obvious we can’t believe that everyone isn’t already doing it. Simply attach a few plain shelves to the rungs on your ladder to instantly solve your storage problems.

A simple set of shelves can be purchased from the likes of Ikea, starting at just £10 – definitely cheaper than the cost of buying one of these pre-made ladder shelves.

Experiment with different materials and colours to fit in with the style of your home. Try spray painting a metal ladder for a more industrial feel or adding coloured shelves to your weathered wooden one.

 step ladder shelving

Photo credit: 

De-clutter your living space

Create less clutter with a ‘lean-to’ ladder shelf. Whether it be for the towels in the bathroom or the bits and bobs around the kitchen, a ladder shelf can instantly transform your living space. A cheap and simple solution, the ladder rungs will act as the additional shelves and hooks that you need around the home.

 leaning ladder shelf

Photo credit: 

Have you upcycled any old ladders in your home? We’d love to see some snaps on our Facebook and Twitter!

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