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Keep Cool This Summer

Posted on 23 July 2019

The mercury is rising this week so it’s time to deploy some top tips for keeping cool without air conditioning.

Stop Your House Getting Hot

Our houses are built for cooler weather, so they’re really good at keeping heat in. Use this to your advantage and darken the house during the day to keep the sun and the heat out. Open curtains and windows at night though to let a cooler breeze in, but obviously be aware of any security risk this may pose and act accordingly.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water. The heatwave will increase your risk of heatstroke, so take care of yourself.  Keep some water in the fridge and ice cubes at the ready. But try not to chug water that’s too cold or you’ll shock your body and you might get some tummy troubles.

Find Shade

 Stay out of the sun when its rays are strongest, between 12-3pm. Not only are you more likely to burn at this time, but the heat will really sap your energy and leave you feeling lethargic.

Watch Out For Mini-Heaters

 Switch off your appliances where you can. TVs, laptops, stereos, even lights all emit heat. The last thing you want is lots of mini-heaters all over the house!

Cool Off With Cool Food

Learn how to cook without an oven or stove. Maybe it’s time to embrace salads, cold soups, hummus and other dips. Preserved cooked vegetables, such as grilled peppers are your friends too.

If you must, use a grill in the evening and make batches of things like grilled chicken to add to dishes the following day.

Dress For The Weather

Invest in loose, light clothing and choose clothes made from natural fibres so your skin can breathe.

Stay Cool At Night

If sleeping inside, opt for 100% cotton sheets, ditch duvets and consider sleeping naked.

Keep Pets Comfortable

Don’t forget your pets in the heat – make sure they have some shade to retreat to, put some ice in their water bowls and touch the pavement to check the temperature before taking your dogs for a walk.

Be A Good Neighbour

Lastly, look out for each other. If you have any elderly neighbours or relatives, go and check in on them and bring some cool water or ice lollies

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The mercury is rising this week so it’s time to deploy some top tips for keeping cool without air conditioning.

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