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Light up your home for less: How to save money on your Christmas decorations

Posted on 14 December 2015

With Christmas only two weeks away, many of you are probably starting to think about indulging in a bit of Christmas magic and covering your homes in an extravaganza of fairy lights. However, since none of us want to be thinking about bills over the festive season, if you love to light up your home to rival the Blackpool illuminations, you may want to put a bit of extra thought into the decorations you choose this year.

Earlier this month, one of the most decorated homes in Britain switched on their 50,000 Christmas lights, transforming their house from family home to Winter Wonderland. Lee and Paul Brailsford, who annually illuminate their home, said their display costs £600 in electricity to run, however they’ve started to convert all of the 50,000 bulbs to LEDs. With LED bulbs using at least 75% less energy than regular bulbs, the brothers could expect to approximately save an incredible £450!

So, if you want to follow in the Brailsford brothers’ footsteps and light up your home for less this Christmas, here are a few ways to ensure your Christmas lights don’t cause your energy bill to skyrocket this year.  

LED Bulbs

Plenty of Christmas decorations are fitted with LED bulbs nowadays and since they use far less energy than regular bulbs, they’re much cheaper to run. Not only that, but they’ll last a lot longer than fairy lights with regular bulbs, and since no one wants to spend Christmas Eve trying to change miniature lightbulbs, it’s definitely worth opting for energy saving bulbs. Most importantly however, LED bulbs are much safer than regular bulbs as they don’t get as hot.


Sourcing Christmas decorations fitted with timers will also help save you energy and money this year as you can easily regulate the amount of time the decorations are switched on for. If you’ve already snapped up your Christmas lights for this year however, you can also buy timers that you can plug into the power socket and thereby ensure that you’re not leaving your festive lights on overnight!

Extension Cables

No one wants to shimmy under the Christmas tree to switch the lights on and off every evening, but plugging all of your lights into one switchable multi-socket extension cable can save you the trouble. Keep the switch for the extension cable in easy reach so you can easily switch off the lights. When using an extension cable, it’s a good idea to choose one with surge protection to protect your lights from any mains spikes.


For smaller decorative displays, using battery operated lights will ensure your energy bill isn’t affected at all. Although not suitable for everyone, if you’re worried that your Christmas decorations are going to rack up your energy bill this year, choosing a battery powered string of lights will help you regulate how much energy you’re using over the festive period.

Now you know how to cut the energy cost of your Christmas decorations, you may be in need of a bit of decoration inspiration. So, if you fancy turning your home into Santa’s Grotto for the rest of December, here are our favourite Winter Wonderlands from previous years to give you a few ideas…  

Finally, for those of you who don’t really have time or the patience for covering your house in Christmas lights, there’s always this option:

No matter how you decide to decorate your house this Christmas, just remember to save energy and light up your home for less!

By saving energy all year round, you can make lighting up your home for Christmas far more affordable! Find out which Christmas decorations you could afford by sticking to a few easy energy saving habits. 

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