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Save money all year with our energy resolutions

Posted on 7 January 2016

It’s the start of a new year and we’re all busy planning our 2016 resolutions. Rather than attempt it all in one go, we thought we’d help you to break down your resolution to spend less and save more, with a different energy saving tip to try each month this year. 

January – We’re well into winter now and there’s no escaping that chill in the air. But don’t invite the draught into your warmed up homes. Block small gaps at the bottom of doors and windows with draught excluders. It’s a cheap, efficient way to keep the cold outside, where it belongs.

February – When preparing a hearty home-cooked meal to warm up the family, don’t forget to use lids on your pots and pans to reduce cooking times. You’ll be surprised how much this simple solution can help you to save.

March – Spring is just around the corner, but we’re not quite there yet. If you’re still drying your laundry indoors, try to dry one load of clothes immediately after another. This way, your tumble dryer will already be warm and your clothes will start drying straight away.

April – The April showers are upon us. If you’re not one for the humidity and lucky enough to have a dehumidifier, be sure to place your unit away from walls and bulky furniture. Dehumidifiers work best when air can circulate freely through the appliance.

May – The sun is back! So why not hang your washing out to dry? Drying clothes on a radiator can mean more work for your boiler, and can also make your room feel humid. Dry your clothes outside for cost-free drying power!

June - Invite the sunshine in! Open you curtains and let the sun into your home – it’ll help to warm up your rooms. But don’t forget to close your windows, doors and curtains at sunset to stop any draughts getting in.

July –While it’s hot outside, take a cooler shower. You don’t need to heat your water quite so much to keep you warm as you get clean.

August –When you’re out having fun in the sun, remember to turn off your appliances. Typically a household could save between £45 and £80 a year just by remembering to turn off appliances left on standby or not in use.

September - Autumn is fast approaching, and we’ll all soon start to notice it getting darker that little bit earlier. But don't let that cost you more. Upgrade all your bulbs to energy saving alternatives like CFLs instead of standard bulbs, and LED spotlights instead of halogen ones. Making sure all your lights are energy saving varieties could save you money all through the autumn and winter.

October - It's that time of the year again when we all start to dust off the heating controls. Make sure your radiators are bled, thermostats set correctly, and your heating system is programmed to switch on only when needed to ensure your money isn't being wasted.

November - Heating costs can add up over winter, why not try putting on a jumper and thick socks, then turning down your thermostat by a degree or two. You’d be surprised how quickly the savings can add up!

December – ‘Tis the season to be jolly once again. Remember as the guests pop round for a tipple to fill up your dishwasher before you switch it on to wash. Not only will this save you water and energy, you’ll find an extra few pounds in your pocket!

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