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Posted on 20 May 2011

“The launch of The Co-operative Energy could give the energy sector a much needed shake up. Only one in four people currently think energy companies are trustworthy, so it’s a good time for a new entrant with a focus on honesty and transparency to come into the market.” Which?, 10 May 2011 “If it does what it promises to, the cuddly mutual will get a warm reception from many domestic energy users fed up with the confusing tariffs, lock-in clauses and sometimes shabby marketing tactics of the Big Six.” The Times, 10 May 2011 “While the Co-op isn’t aiming to be the cheapest supplier, customers can pick up points for doing next to nothing. As Bruce Forsyth is famous for saying on Play Your Cards Right: What do points make? Prizes.” Daily Mirror, 10 May 2011 “The Co-op’s new energy business should provide some welcome competition and clarity when it comes to household bills and how much we pay.” Daily Telegraph, 10 May 2011 “We’re glad to see a new player enter this market that has long been dominated by only the big six firms. Co-operative Energy is making some welcome promises. We hope the firm will live up to its commitment to give its customers a fair deal and that greater consumer choice will lead to improvements for customers across the board.” Consumer Focus, 10 May 2011 “For once, there’s a real chance that customers will get to understand energy bills.”, 10 May 2011 “The Co-op is an established brand with an ethical heritage, so when a brand like this says it is setting out to shake up the energy industry, everyone should be sitting up.” Uswitch, 10 May 2011 “The energy market has been crying out for a trusted big name brand to challenge the stranglehold of the big six…. This looks perfect for households who value simplicity and don’t want the hassle of changing suppliers regularly to chase the best deal. Best of luck to the Coop.” The Times, 14 May 2011 “It will not compete with the cheapest online deals but will offer the best standard deal, so customers do not have to worry about “bill shocks” when a discounted or fixed period ends” Sunday Times, 15 May 2011

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