Our ethics

Our ethics

As an energy customer, you have more choice than ever before when you switch energy suppliers.

Because at Co-op Energy, we don’t just power your home – we empower you too. We’re a co-operative, which means you get a say in how we’re run and where your energy comes from. Unlike others, we work hard to be completely clear and transparent. Plus, because we care about the worldwe live in just as much as you do, all our tariffs come with 100% green electricity as standard.

And that’s just the start.

We are proud to be a co-operative. It means that we are owned by our members. It means that we make a real difference in our communities and it means that we will always be open, honest and responsible.

Isn't it time for a different type of energy supplier? Stop saying "What if" and join us!

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The Co-op Energy difference

Values and ethics are at the heart of our business

Ethical energy suppliers aren’t always easy to find. But at Co-op Energy, we’re not motivated by money or profits. Instead, we’re motivated by being a responsible business that can make a positive impact on climate change, and make the world fairer for our members, customers and suppliers alike.

There are four key values that form the cornerstones of our business: democracy, openness, equality and social responsibility. We pride ourselves on knowing that everything we do follows these values, from initial training right through to contacting members, customers and the local community.


We’re fair and transparent

We know the energy market can sometimes be confusing, especially when suppliers tempt you in with great offers, then raise their prices afterwards. That’s why we aim to always make it as easy as possible to switch, with fair prices the whole way through your contract, not just at the beginning. You asked for a fair and straightforward service with transparent costs, so it’s what we’ll constantly strive to give you.

Check out our range of easy to understand energy tariffs now, or find out more about our ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ policy.

We care about the world we live in

Just like our customers and members, we’re committed to a sustainable world. Because of this, all of our tariffs come with 100% renewable electricity as standard.

We’re also committed to helping you reduce your own energy consumption by offering energy saving advice.


We’re owned and run by our members

One of the biggest differences between us and other energy suppliers is that we’re a co-operative, which means we’re owned and run by our members. Most big energy suppliers are owned by shareholders, so any profit they make goes back to them, rather than the customers. When we make a profit, it’s you, our members, and your community who see the benefits.


We pay our taxes – as all businesses should

At Co-op Energy, we believe that all businesses should pay their fair share of taxes, and never engage in aggressive tax avoidance schemes, even if they’re legal. That’s why we’re proud to say that in 2014, we became the first energy supplier to receive the Fair Tax Mark accreditation.


Our values in action

Here are just a few awards that have recognised our efforts in building a responsible, sustainable, innovative energy business. Click on each of the links to read more, or check out our News and Views for the latest posts about awards and innovations.

What our customers say

“The value of knowing how much I’m paying and where that money is going can’t be overestimated.”
Jim Pettipher, Herefordshire.
“I just assumed I was paying the standard amount for gas and electricity and left it at that. Seeing the amount of money I could save by switching was a real eye opener.”
Susan Hollick, Swindon.
“I like the idea that my mobility scooter is powered by green energy from The Co-operative.”
Sally Cooke, Shropshire.
“I’m a member of my local co-operative and really buy into their values. I trust them and think it’s crucial, particularly in the current energy environment.”
Alison Stancliffe, Tyne & Wear.
“I feel extremely secure with The Co-operative Energy’s business approach. I know that profits aren’t going to be made at the expense of customers.”
Babs MacGregor, Glasgow.
“The switch to The Co-operative Energy was pain-free and simple and we are really looking forward to seeing the savings we can make.”
Dr Tony Jeans