Make your choice

The User Chooser service allows customers to choose their energy mix by nominating specific renewable sites. We want to give our User Chooser service a new name, one that really shows how brilliant our tool is - and we need your help.

How does User Chooser work? 

When you sign up to User Chooser, you get to choose your energy mix. Want 50% wind power? – No problem, or if you like the idea of hydro-electricity, all you have to do is choose.

Once you have selected your generation method, you then have the option of can selecting, from the map, the exact renewable energy generator you want us to buy your energy from – it’s that simple*.

What's the competition?

It’s your turn to choose! We’ve got 5 potential names for our new User Chooser service all ready to go, but which one will it be?

Vote for your favourite now and you will go into a prize draw to win a £100 Amazon Gift Card.

How will the winner get chosen?

The competition closes on 16 November 2016. The name with the most votes wins and our winner will be selected at random on 17 November 2016. keep an eye on your emails as we'll be emailing our winner when they're chosen. 

Full competition Terms & Conditions can be found here.  

* We cannot guarantee that the actual electricity that powers your kettle will come from the precise location you have selected as all power goes into, and comes out of, the National Grid. But through your choice, you guarantee that the money you pay for your energy goes to the energy selection method and provider you choose; supporting their growth and future business.