Co-operative energy saving

Co-operative energy saving is a brand new initiative from Co-operative Energy. 

While we care about the planet, the environment and the threats posed by climate change, we know these concerns are shared by our customers. We wanted to create a new trading unit that could help people like you to really make a big impact on your household energy use and, of course, your energy bills!

What does Co-operative Energy Saving offer?

With the Co-operative values at heart and a clear focus on saving energy, we will offer you:

  • Small, but effective energy saving products and devices such as LED Lighting
  • Bigger, and more complex energy saving products such as biomass boilers, solar panels, home insulation and more – fully installed
  • Free, clear and honest information and advice through our website

These products and services are available to individuals initially but we will be providing services to larger community groups such as church or parish halls, sports clubs and small businesses.

For more information, visit our new website

LED lighting

The LED lights that we offer pack a real energy-saving punch. Using up to 90% less energy than standard bulbs and lasting, on average, 10 years or more, these little bulbs can really make a big difference to your energy bill.

Unlike earlier energy saving bulbs, LED lightbulbs are also instantly bright instead of having to wait for them to warm up. All our bulbs fit into existing light fittings so you don’t need to worry about compatibility.

In fact, if you were to change 20 of your standard light bulbs for our LED bulbs, you could save around £300 on your energy bill each year. Really, it’s a no-brainer.

Right now, we only offer these bulbs, but we will be expanding our offering to include other simple products such as draught excluders that can also help you save a bundle.

Take a look at our website now to get your hands on some new LED bulbs.

Installation Services

There’s a huge range of energy-saving options available to you from loft and cavity insulation right up to solar panels, batteries and biomass boilers.

When you’re investing in a large energy-saving purchase such as insulation, solar panels or biomass boilers, you want to make sure the work is going to be carried out to a high standard. All of our technicians are experienced and come with a Co-operative Energy guarantee.

If you’re looking to generate your own energy through solar, biomass or wind, you’ll also be happy to know that some of these energy generation methods attract valuable government grants for installation, or payments for the energy you produce. You may have heard that this support has been reduced but, even now, the support is very worthwhile.

Visit our website for more information or give us a call on 0800 093 7537