Community energy conference

Community Energy Conference

Each year, we help host the Community Energy Conference in partnership with Community Energy England. The conference features a whole host of workshops, exhibitors and taster-sessions for people to learn more about community energy, and how it’s being used to create a greener and more sustainable Britain.

This year, the conference will take place on 22 June at Sheffield Hallam University. Attendees will have the opportunity to test their knowledge on the energy system and take part in the Great Energy Escape, an immersive game designed and run by Carbon Co-Op and sponsored by power to change.

Browse the highlights of the 2018 community energy conference.

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Community Energy Fortnight

For the past six years, the community energy sector has got together to celebrate the communities that are generating and saving energy. Last year, 162 events took places across the UK and Europe, with 2018 proving to be the most diverse Community Energy Fortnight to date.

Through organized events, we hope to ignite a passion for community energy and spark an energy revolution that provides clean and renewable energy for everyone.
This year’s Community Energy Fortnight will take place from 22nd June to 7th July.

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