Our community energy projects

Our community energy projects are made up of wind, hydro, and solar farms dotted across the UK. Each project is owned and run by groups of passionate local people, who are taking their power into their own hands. And at Co-op Energy, we’re committed to supporting them.

That’s why our Community Power Tariff exists. So we can pay each project a fair price for their energy. And so you can access 100% community-generated electricity, wherever you are.

Where are our Community Power projects?

At Co-op Energy, we support thousands of small, local energy projects across the UK. But only a select few supply energy to our Community Power Tariff. You can find out more about their stories by clicking on the pins on the map.

Want your community energy project to be featured? Contact us at info@coopenergy.coop

Support your local community energy projects

Did you know that no matter what tariff you’re on, Co-op Energy customers can choose to support local renewable energy projects? However, if you want all your energy to be community-generated, the Community Power tariff is still the one for you.

Find out more about why it’s good to support community energy

Switch to our Community Power Tariff now

Become a community champion today, and you can help support more sustainable projects in the future – for just £5 extra per month.

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