About us

There’s an ever-increasing choice of energy suppliers asking you to switch, so why choose Co-operative Energy? Here’s why we’re the right choice for you.

We’re owned by you

With no shareholders to please, you can be sure that the decisions we make are in your best interests. Becoming a member means that you will share in our profits and get your voice heard.

We’re fair

We will always offer fair prices. We might not be the cheapest at certain points, but we will make sure we’re very competitive over the long-term.

We’re straightforward

With just one simple price and no gimmicks, we like to make everything as simple as possible.

We’re transparent

From explaining how our energy is sourced to showing you how our prices are worked out, we’ll be open and transparent in everything we do.

We’re environmentally friendly

Our aim is for the carbon content of our electricity to be less than half the national average.

We’re ethical

Like all co-operative businesses, we are ethical in our dealings with individuals and businesses.