Our pledges & values

Our values are driven by our members and they guide everything we do at Co-operative Energy. We’d like to make several pledges so that you can understand how we operate and what we’re committed to.

We promise to:

Offer consistently competitive prices

Many suppliers offer time-limited, cut-price promotions to attract you into switching, only for prices to quickly rise after the offer ends. Our approach is different. We’ll rarely be the absolute cheapest because we don’t intend to offer short-term low prices just to win your custom. Instead, we’ll take a long-term approach by being consistently amongst the cheapest. We think consistently low prices and guaranteed peace of mind are what people want; that way you won’t ever feel the need to switch again.

Keep things simple

There are over 4,000 energy tariffs in the UK, making choosing one very complicated. It’s hard to compare suppliers’ prices and even harder to monitor the impact of frequent price changes. We have a very simple pricing structure – a monthly fixed charge and a single price per unit of energy consumed.

Be open, honest and transparent in everything we do

We will tell you how much our energy costs, how much we make and how that profit is shared between members and re-investment in the business.

Ensure our energy is low carbon

We are very committed to playing our part in tackling climate change. We aim to ensure that the carbon content of our electricity is less than half the national average. We avoid coal – the dirtiest fuel – and we support renewable energy. We think a multi-pronged approach is needed if the UK is to meet its climate change targets in the medium term.

Share our profits with our members

We are the only energy supplier wholly owned by our customers. There are no outside shareholders controlling what we do. As a co-operative, we reward members twice a year with a share of profits in proportion to how much business they do with us.

Give our members a real voice in how we are run

Members decide how much profit we share and how much we invest. They elect our directors and guide us on how we should conduct our business. That’s the essence of being a co-operative.