Why we’re different

Anyone can say they’re different. At Co-operative Energy, it’s how we differ that matters.

We are owned by our customers and share our profits with you twice a year

That’s why when we say we’re customer focused, it’s no empty promise. As members, our customers share in our profits and have a voice in how we’re run.

The Big 6 energy suppliers are owned by shareholders

When they make big profits, it’s the shareholders who benefit, not the customers. When we make profits, it’s you who benefits.

We’ve been looking at energy for some time, because we believe the public is poorly served. It’s high time the energy industry treated customers better. It’s high time there was a new co-operative supplier.

Our approach is nothing new. For over 165 years, we’ve been making the world fairer for members, customers and suppliers by providing basic household services at fair prices. For us, it’s not just about money and profits. Our members guide us on how we behave as an ethical business, a responsible citizen and a committed campaigner on climate change.

Who owns the energy suppliers?

Formed in 2010 and wholly owned by The Midcounties Co-operative, which is a consumer co-operative society entirely owned by its members. Membership is open to all customers.

 UK owned

Originally established as National Power in 1990 following the privatisation of the state-owned Central Electricity Generating Board, npower is now owned by RWE Group which incorporates Germany’s leading gas and electricity companies.

 German owned