Our tariff

With over 4,000 tariffs in the UK, choosing one is overwhelmingly complex. To make it easy for you, we started with one product and one tariff. We called it Pioneer, because it’s our first product and we’ve also named it after the Rochdale Pioneers, who founded the first UK co-operative in 1844.

We asked customers what they want from their energy supplier and created Pioneer in response. Our tariff has been designed to benefit you in the following ways:

No exit penalty on variable rate tariffs

You can switch away from our variable rate tariff at any time, without any penalty.


Price guarantee

We won’t try to be the cheapest with short-term, unsustainable price promotions.
Instead, we will aim to be consistently competitive for the long-term.
If we have to raise our prices, we’ll inform you at least 30 days in advance.
We won’t ever favour new customers over existing with cheaper prices, because we don’t
think that’s fair.

To see our current prices click here.


Single unit rate, irrespective of consumption

We charge a single unit rate, whether you consume one unit of energy per month or
one thousand. We think this is simple and transparent. The unit rate differs slightly
region-by-region, in line with the differing distribution and transmission costs
charged in each area. Very few suppliers charge a single unit rate; most charge a higher
rate for initial units and a lower rate for units you consume above a certain threshold.
This has two problems. Firstly, in the absence of smart meters, it’s difficult to tell when
you’ve reached the threshold at which lower rates should apply. And secondly, it seems
wrong to charge lower rates to higher consumers, when we should all be trying to
reduce our energy consumption.


Choose dual fuel or single fuel

To make things easy, you can switch both your gas and electricity to us, commonly known as “dual fuel” or switch just one if you prefer; it’s up to you.

Fixed payment amount

To help you budget, we’ll keep the amount you pay us fixed for as long as possible, even though you will be consuming more energy in winter than summer. We’ll review your payment levels every six months.

Direct debit

We collect payments by direct debit from your bank account, because this is the simplest, lowest cost method.
We also now offer payment by cheque or debit card.

Online statements

Statements are generated quarterly and are accessible securely online, saving paper and postage, and helping the environment. If you do prefer to receive paper statements, please let us know.