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    Helpful, efficient and effective.
  • 5/5

    I am happy with the service I receive - the move to a new tariff when my previous one ended went seamlessly Dr Janet Sullivan
  • 5/5

    Called in connection with tariff change. All was dealt with in a succesfull manner. Mr Meuryn Thomas
  • 4/5

    Good Mr Paul Spires
  • 5/5

    Great use of time and community spirit. Mr Victor Morgan

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We’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation and progress in the energy business, because we know that our commitment to it makes energy better for our customers.

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10 years of the Climate Change Act

26 November 2018

It has been ten years since the Climate Change Act was passed and Energy UK is marking the occasion

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What is Economy 7?

16 August 2018

Economy 7 is a type of electricity tariff which charges you different prices for the electricity you use during the day and at night. Find out more by reading our Economy 7 guide.

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Half-Yearly meeting: Oxford 18 Oct

13 August 2018

Members have the chance to vote on important matters, such as how much a membership point will be worth.

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